To honour the Scottish heritage of the Presbyterian Church, our tradition on Anniversary Sunday is to decorate the sanctuary in traditional tartans, many of which represent former families of our church. This event takes place on the third Sunday in October.

Our Communion Table is draped with the Hanna Tartan honouring our first minister, Rev. John Bryning. On the table is the pewter communion set used by Burford Presbyterian Church when they were amalgamated with us from 1872-1884. Flanking the table are the St. Andrew and Royal Scottish flags.






The plant stands hold century old church water pitchers filled with decorative wild flowers and thistles.






The Knox Communion Table is draped with the Clergy Tartan honouring all ministers who followed Rev. Bryning. On this table is a special arrangement, researched, made and used only on Anniversary Sunday. Each clan had a plant associated with their tartan and before going into battle, the plant emblem would be pinned on their tams. The emblems would be cotton, grass, rowanberries, ivy, Scottish thistle and Scottish pine. The feathers in the arrangement indicate courage and the horseshoe, strength.



Surrounding  the Honour Roll are the Royal Scottish and Union Jack flags and a garland of heather, and above, the gallery is draped with the Royal Stewart Tartan.



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