In 1968, electric chimes were installed and dedicated to the pioneers and past members. The original system was updated in 2009 and replaced with an electronic carillon that plays every day at noon.


The carillon is a Chime Master EZ Bells system that plays a variety of religious music. The chimes can be programmed ahead of time to play automatically according to a weekly schedule, or the songs can be selected to suit a special occasion.


The carillon has over 600 musical selections to chose from. Categories include hymns, classical songs, patriotic selections and music for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.


The system can also play a range of bugle calls. A number of call to worship bells are also available. There are prayer bells, festive pealing bells, wedding bells, funeral tolls and memorial bells.


Currently the community is hearing the Westminster-style chime at noon every day of the week. After the chimes strike 12:00 pm, the carillon plays two randomly selected hymns. The chimes also play for 15 minutes before the worship service on Sunday mornings.


Contact the church if you would like the carillon to play for a specific occasion.

Song Catalogue

(We are able to play any selections beginning with 11-16.)


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